2012 Solstice

21.6.2012 Solstice memories

Image:photo by A.E.A.A2012(my son bless)

Leaving the island bless..
photo solstice time21-6-2012
* captured by my son A.E.A.A2012

Photos by H.Aarniranta©2012

Image:photo by H.Aarniranta©2012

Location island in Finland/Helsinki
photo captured by H.Aarniranta©2012
21.6.2012 solstice time

and A.E.A.A (my son bless! proud mum talks)

Image:photo by A.E.A.A2012

21.6.2012 solstice GIFTS!
Location of capture summercity Helsinki/Finalnd
Photo by A.E.A.A2012

Location of captures in Finland (island visit )

Image:photo by H.Aarniranta©2012

Location Island/Finland
photo by H.Aarniranta
captured solstice21.6.2012

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Solstice gifts_21.6.2012

Image photo by H.Aarniranta2012

upper photo captured by my son bless..:=)

solstice rose series by H.Aarniranta©2012

21.6.22012 Solstice roses-the sun blessed us this very day!
Photo by Heli Aarniranta©2012