These leather-bound photo albums were very wel...

These leather-bound photo albums were very well made and good for my photographs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Downloads is found at ; 

  • Video tutorials how to use the effects for example 
  • video on the site is the brush to use!
  • The developers description is handy to know about!
  • Hoffman photo book 8.1
  • Webphotoalbum  2-0.2 generator: 
  • iWebAlbum
  • Alternative is PORTA:easy way to create a HTML picture gallery
  • Photoprix:Create and print personalized photo albums
For example  a 3d flash download for photos and they did have a bug checker that popped up and said it is not yet checked..
or they found something that is not fixed so
I found it safe to downlad..will see how it works in action and using it.
You can also see the screenshots how they look..and I liked the alternatives too!
You can  find the FREE CLOUD STORAGE download there too on the site.
  • portable editing the file  on your stick so you can have it with you where ever you go is handy..when moving around or using various devices..if you do not have your own devices with you or access to them..!!
  • Instagram for mobile use..easy for pictures and photos very popular..
  • Picasa (yes ;when starting to upload photos years ago back then it had no video option..:=)Now it has!
  • .I used this!! Several other places on- line for storing and easy sharing of photos!
  • Microsoft  photostory
  • Gallery manager

is an other great place; where to find and

to download free or paid products and software or applications for photo editing needs or use!

  • photoslidehow download with music and narration
  • Photostage free version for non commercial use :
  • Like here  underneath the example of media image use you can use flickr to share your images
  • or photobucket which has alternatives for free usage or pro upgrades as most of them has.
  • I used several under the years..for noncommersial use..!
  • HTML Code

    HTML Code (Photo credit: Sebastian Fuss)