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(R)Evolution card series 2012

2012 New card series Title/topic/consepts and issues/subjects Media used: Drawing/text:ink,calligraphy ink pens coloring/painting *oil *mixed media *pearls *nature materials like *sand *stones *sticks *dried flora *greens *leafs *seeds *petals ————- I create these… Continue reading

2012 Summer art

Summer art series 2012 artist H.Aarniranta©2012 oil on canvas photo and art by H.Aarnirant©2012 ————- Related articles Interview: Artist and Ontario Plein Art Society Founder, Zan Barrage (

2012 Solstice

21.6.2012 Solstice memories Photos by H.Aarniranta©2012 and A.E.A.A (my son bless! proud mum talks) Location of captures in Finland (island visit ) upper photo captured by my son bless..:=) Related articles A Solstice… Continue reading

Divine is..;in the hands of thee..

Divine is..;in the hands of thee..

Photo by H.Aarniranta©2012
Location Helsinki/Finland

I believe we hold the whole world in our fingertips or hands..
You have two hands one that gives; the other receives..bless..

On line photo-galleries/visuals-art-paintings

I used mainly my Canon  Powershot S5 IS 8 px (yeah tiny and old now) camera or my mobile phone /Samsung .. although..also anything I could get hold of as camera before 2007..:=)… Continue reading

Divine Honey for thee..

The Divine recepie for Honey 1 liter of water put the collected flowers picked at noon in cold water to soak a while take the flowers out start coocing insert brown sugar 500g-1kg/1… Continue reading

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